Learning ASL

I could not be more excited that we were allowed to do a learning project again in this class. Last year in ECMP 355, I taught myself to knit. I enjoyed at the time, made a scarf as you might have seen in my last post, but I wouldn’t say that it was a very important skill to have learned. I haven’t knit anything since, and while I still have my needles and one day hope to knit again, for the time being school keeps me busy enough and I don’t have the time to start over and re-learn some techniques that I have forgotten.

While that paragraph may not sound like I am very excited about doing a learning project again, I really am. I began watching a show on Netflix called “Switched At Birth” last year. The show itself is about two girls who got switched at the hospital when they were born and grew up with different families, and has nothing to do with my learning project, except that one of the daughters on the show is deaf. It really opened my eyes to the importance of knowing sign language, as it shows some of the struggles she faces everyday of people having no way to communicate with her and some of the other deaf characters because they have never been taught and have never had the motivation to speak ASL.

ASL is short for American Sign Language, and I think especially as a future educator it would be a very important skill to learn. You never know what kind of learners are going to come through your future classrooms, and can never be too prepared to help students with whatever their needs may be. I plan to learn as much sign language as possible throughout the semester of this course, and hopefully be able to sign basic phrases and learn to recognize phrases when they are being signed to me.

2 thoughts on “Learning ASL

  1. roxannwaelchli says:

    Hey Makenzie! What an amazing learning project! Good for you! I feel like this will be such a great skill to have as a teacher, and as a human being! I am really looking forward to reading your blogs in the future months! PS- I also learned how to (arm) knit in ECMP 355 and it was fun, but I wanted to do something that could be directly used in the classroom this time!
    Roxann 🙂


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