Slow and Steady Progress

I’ve been a little distant with my blogging on my learning project. 😦 I have still been keeping up with it, just slacking in the blogging about it part. So far I have learned the ABC’s, numbers, common phrases, and some other commonly used words (like what, if, after, etc.) I think I have learned quite a lot through the various videos I have watched, but at times it becomes over whelming. I’ve never learned another language and now I know why, it’s hard! I can watch videos over and over again and nail the movements with them as they do it, but as soon as I get to trying it on my own I confuse all the hand movements together and end up having to re-watch the video anyways.

I know I promised a video a long time ago, and I did make one for you all! It’s an old video now, I can sign a little more complex things now. Emphasis on a little.. it’s a slow journey! P.S. don’t mind all of the birthday decorations in the background 🙂 Here’s the link so you can check me out-

I’ve started working on my final end project now… a song! I’m thinking of doing “Hello” by Adele. I was very surprised at how many different songs are already on Youtube translated to ASL, there are tons of them! I actually think this is more effective than trying to learn random words, because I think of it more as a sequence of movements rather than separate gestures. I’m really excited to keep working on it, and hopefully be able to memorize the whole song.


Tweet Tweet

My thoughts on twitter are always changing. In my first year, first semester, I was in a class called ECMP 355. Not sure if any of you have heard of it or not. My professors encouraged us all to join twitter as a professional and an educator, rather than using it for funny memes. At first I thought to myself, “I love memes. I don’t want to give that up..” but soon after I turned my account into a young, professional educators account.

In the very beginning, I was almost scared of this new twitter style. I started off my following as many different education accounts, other teachers, professors, the university, everything and everyone that I could think of. Since I was really unsure and new to the whole idea of technology in education, I mostly just used twitter to see what everyone else was up too, read interesting articles, and get inspirational ideas to use in my future lessons/classrooms. I was a little hesitant to actually share my thoughts with the world, so I did a lot of retweeting and not a lot of tweeting my own opinions or experiences. Over time I have began to open up to the world, and share a little more on twitter. I still use it mostly for getting ideas and resources, but I follow more classmates now so it’s more friendly interaction.

Some of the benefits of using twitter in Education I think are that it’s very easy to connect- so by using one hashtag you can see all the students/teachers that are sharing their thoughts on that topic. As well, it’s quick and easy to send out and read tweets because of the 140 character limit. This makes it more appealing for students to summarize their thoughts or read a quick informational tweet, rather than writing or reading a large paragraph or essay.

One of the obvious challenges of using twitter is the potential lack of internet access. If you plan to use it as a way to keep in touch with your students out of school time, there might be some students that have no way to be on twitter at home (or students who just forget to check), so some of your messages would go unseen.