Final ASL Project

Hey guys!

I have finally finished my learning ‘Hello” by Adele for my final representation of my Learning Project. I’ve had so much fun learning ASL this past semester, and I can honestly say I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. I may not be fluent in the language now, but I’ve learned many phrases and I think I could have a basic, starting conversation with someone! I do plan to continue with my learning, as like I mentioned in my first post, I think it is an incredibly important skill to have. Especially if I am going to be in the Education field, because you never know what students might come into your classroom!

I began with learning the Alphabet, and a the time it was a struggle but just this weekend I was teaching my cousin and I remember every letter and was even able to help her! That felt good. Then I learned the Numbers 1-10, which was actually more difficult than I expected. But I was still able to learn them! It was easy once I practiced a few times. After that I felt kind of free to learn, and I looked at many different videos. Some showed basic phrases, questions and answers, some showed common words like mother, father, family, school, etc., and then I started working on my final project. In the middle to show some of my project, I created a little video of me signing my name, where I’m from, and what I’m doing.

Now to sum it all up, my video of me signing ‘Hello’!! It’s a little slow, I wish I could’ve done it to the music, but it was just too fast and I kept messing up. Even going slow I messed up a bit in the middle, but instead of restarting I just ended my video, started a new one from the same spot, and put them together using YouTube Editor! Hope you’ve all enjoyed following my learning!


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