Summary of Learning

ECMP 455 is over for the semester, and I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot. From participating in an #edchat on Twitter, which showed me that I should get out there and voice my opinions and got me more comfortable being online, to looking at just how voicing certain opinions can affect a career and how/what to do to be careful, professional online users, I look forward to starting my teaching career with all of this new knowledge. I learned not only how to behave and properly use technology, every week we were introduced to so many new, fun, and creative tools to use in a classroom. I know I probably won’t remember them all exactly when it comes time for me to have my own classroom, and there might be many more out there by then, but I think that I now have great ideas and starters to get myself and my students using technology in the classroom! That being said, here is  mine and Alex Taylor’s Summary of Learning 🙂

We made it using PowToon, which was an awesome tool. It was super easy to upload our own pictures, do voice overs on the slides, and use cool graphics to make the video a little more visually appealing. Unfortunately, with the free trial version we were only allowed to make videos that were 5 minutes or less. We didn’t realize that at the time, and we had more than 5 minutes worth of information to share, we had to create two videos and put them together using YouTube Editor. (another great tool we learned about in this class). Hope you all enjoy, and I would recommend using PowToon for any future creations!

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