Final ASL Project

Hey guys!

I have finally finished my learning ‘Hello” by Adele for my final representation of my Learning Project. I’ve had so much fun learning ASL this past semester, and I can honestly say I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. I may not be fluent in the language now, but I’ve learned many phrases and I think I could have a basic, starting conversation with someone! I do plan to continue with my learning, as like I mentioned in my first post, I think it is an incredibly important skill to have. Especially if I am going to be in the Education field, because you never know what students might come into your classroom!

I began with learning the Alphabet, and a the time it was a struggle but just this weekend I was teaching my cousin and I remember every letter and was even able to help her! That felt good. Then I learned the Numbers 1-10, which was actually more difficult than I expected. But I was still able to learn them! It was easy once I practiced a few times. After that I felt kind of free to learn, and I looked at many different videos. Some showed basic phrases, questions and answers, some showed common words like mother, father, family, school, etc., and then I started working on my final project. In the middle to show some of my project, I created a little video of me signing my name, where I’m from, and what I’m doing.

Now to sum it all up, my video of me signing ‘Hello’!! It’s a little slow, I wish I could’ve done it to the music, but it was just too fast and I kept messing up. Even going slow I messed up a bit in the middle, but instead of restarting I just ended my video, started a new one from the same spot, and put them together using YouTube Editor! Hope you’ve all enjoyed following my learning!




Hey all!

Another update on my learning project 🙂 I’m currently learning the song ‘Hello‘ by Adele, and it is going quite well. I have the first verse, the chorus, and some of the second verse learned! I am particularly enjoying this learning project because I find it easy to practice the words I’ve learned while I’m doing many other things- like cooking, walking around my house, as a break from my math studying. My friends probably think I’m pretty strange as I’m always waving my hands around my head doing signs.

I have just been using the same video for learning the song, which has some advantages and disadvantages. It is unfortunate because I only get to see one person’s interpretation of the lyrics, but I tried looking up other videos and they are just too different from the version I’ve been learning and I didn’t want to get confused! So while watching only one video is good because I don’t get confused, but I think it would be really interesting to get different interpretations. For example, in the video I am learning where the song lyrics say “..but I ain’t done much healing” it is changed in my video to “..but I don’t feel healed” and in other videos it might be translated a little differently.

I think this is the most interesting part of learning the song is seeing how the lyrics are changed to make signing easier, and how even though they’re changed they still mean the same thing. I’m looking forward to getting the song down pat and sharing it with you guys!

Slow and Steady Progress

I’ve been a little distant with my blogging on my learning project. 😦 I have still been keeping up with it, just slacking in the blogging about it part. So far I have learned the ABC’s, numbers, common phrases, and some other commonly used words (like what, if, after, etc.) I think I have learned quite a lot through the various videos I have watched, but at times it becomes over whelming. I’ve never learned another language and now I know why, it’s hard! I can watch videos over and over again and nail the movements with them as they do it, but as soon as I get to trying it on my own I confuse all the hand movements together and end up having to re-watch the video anyways.

I know I promised a video a long time ago, and I did make one for you all! It’s an old video now, I can sign a little more complex things now. Emphasis on a little.. it’s a slow journey! P.S. don’t mind all of the birthday decorations in the background 🙂 Here’s the link so you can check me out-

I’ve started working on my final end project now… a song! I’m thinking of doing “Hello” by Adele. I was very surprised at how many different songs are already on Youtube translated to ASL, there are tons of them! I actually think this is more effective than trying to learn random words, because I think of it more as a sequence of movements rather than separate gestures. I’m really excited to keep working on it, and hopefully be able to memorize the whole song.

Numbers and Questions

I’ve moved on to much harder signs now– the numbers 1-10. If you are anything like me, you might be thinking, doesn’t everyone count with their fingers? Wouldn’t it be the same in ASL? That’s what I thought. But in the beginning of the video it states that you only use one hand when signing most things. So then I realized I had a lot to learn.

Turns out it is still not all that different, just a rotation of the hand and holding up different fingers. I would say overall I mastered the numbers 1-10 fairly easily. I enjoyed the video because it was easy to follow and the little girl was cute. My favourite number to learn was 10, because it is just a thumbs-up with a little wiggle.


The second video I watched was called “25 Basic ASL Signs for Beginners.” I thought this sounded like an appropriate video for me to watch given my skill level. The video was good because it went through each movement about 3 times, and one time it plays through in slow motion. The only downfall was that it had no sound, and while you don’t actually need sound because it is sign language, I still enjoy videos that have audio aids to help guide me along in my learning. I also enjoyed this video because it didn’t just go over a bunch of different signs in a random order, but had it split up into category type styles.


I like this because not only does it show the most basic signs, like “yes,” but it shows them in a practical and real-life situation. It does this throughout the video, showing you what to do if someone you are talking to is signing too fast for you, or how to introduce yourself, and many other things that are useful for everyday signing.

I must keep practicing before I can upload a video of me signing, but that is my plan for next week. Hope everyone else is having as much fun with their projects as I am with mine! See you all soon 🙂

ASL Basics: ABC’S

I have to admit, I am a little behind in my learning project. The good thing is, from watching the show that inspired me to learn ASL I have picked up a few things, so I already feel like I have begun. But, I have now started for real. I thought the best way to begin was to learn the alphabet, because although most words in Sign Language have their own movements, if there ever is something you don’t know you can always spell it out. That’s why I consider the alphabet to be the first thing I need to master. I began by watching a short video of a man doing the alphabet, found here. I enjoyed the video because it shows different angles of his hand for us to make sure we have our positioned correctly. I found the downfall of the video to be that it was silent, and didn’t say the letter that he was performing. I think it would have been more beneficial for him to either say the letter, or have a visual aid along with the movement.


Since I am still learning, I decided to try another video. This time I went with something made for kids, because why not? I hope this one has lots of visuals and makes learning a little more fun, and “ASL ABC Lesson and Song” has an enticing ring to it. This one was much better. It was a little girl teaching an adult woman how to do the alphabet, which pretty much automatically made it better than the last because kids are just adorable. And I was correct, this one did include visuals of the letters while we were learning.


Another excellent feature of this video is that since it was in the structure of a lesson, the girl was able to explain exactly how to put your hands to correctly sign the letter. Also, they gave helpful tips to remember how to do each letter. Tips like “to differentiate between D and F, remember in D the first finger goes up, because D comes before F,” and “N has just two fingers over the thumb, because an handwritten n has two bumps.” (as in the picture below)


Now i have gone over the alphabet many times, and I will try to keep practicing until I have it completely memorized. Right now, I can only remember letters a-k. So I must keep working on it! Next time, I plan to learn the numbers. And if that is easy, as I think it might be, I will learn basic words that relate to a person. Things like family, sister, brother, mom, dad, etc. Stay tuned!

Learning ASL

I could not be more excited that we were allowed to do a learning project again in this class. Last year in ECMP 355, I taught myself to knit. I enjoyed at the time, made a scarf as you might have seen in my last post, but I wouldn’t say that it was a very important skill to have learned. I haven’t knit anything since, and while I still have my needles and one day hope to knit again, for the time being school keeps me busy enough and I don’t have the time to start over and re-learn some techniques that I have forgotten.

While that paragraph may not sound like I am very excited about doing a learning project again, I really am. I began watching a show on Netflix called “Switched At Birth” last year. The show itself is about two girls who got switched at the hospital when they were born and grew up with different families, and has nothing to do with my learning project, except that one of the daughters on the show is deaf. It really opened my eyes to the importance of knowing sign language, as it shows some of the struggles she faces everyday of people having no way to communicate with her and some of the other deaf characters because they have never been taught and have never had the motivation to speak ASL.

ASL is short for American Sign Language, and I think especially as a future educator it would be a very important skill to learn. You never know what kind of learners are going to come through your future classrooms, and can never be too prepared to help students with whatever their needs may be. I plan to learn as much sign language as possible throughout the semester of this course, and hopefully be able to sign basic phrases and learn to recognize phrases when they are being signed to me.